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С тех пор как я сделала обзор наших персонажей и "Random Family" прошло много времени. История Фиалки и Мастера продолжается за кадром, а, тем временем расцвели буйным цветом ситы и другие звери )))

Под катом скрины и спойлеры историй и романтических отношений.

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14.05.2014 в 21:15
Пишет Катана Серая:

Wonders of his fate

Sometimes fate is really... very marvelous. If someone'd told him a year ago that he will give his heart to a cathar girl - and to sith no less... he really would've thought that such person is crazy. Sith? Yea, suure, dont make me laugh... He always disliked these kind and avoided them at any costs.
But here he is... and she is here too.

Feli... black - okay, almost black cathar, small and... fragile - only by her looks though.
Then he first saw her he was really charmed by the scene: night jungle of Kaas, wispers and noises of invisible beasts around, the light exitement of a hunt - and she, sitting on a stone - silent, almost merging with the nature around her.

She was not beautiful - in fact, he always prefered human girls, or at least human-like, not something with scales like purebloods or furry like cathars.. but... but.

There was something... very entrancing, that charming unusual beauty in the sight he saw - and really that reminded him strongly of the books he read in his childhood. Nature spirits, huh...

And when he was holding her in his hands, all wet and shaking, warming her with his coat and body heat - and she suddenly was almost purring.. maybe then he first caught himself on the strange feeling that... it is really pleasant. That warm fragile woman, with huge honey-colored eyes and black soft fur...

It was hard to tell when she caught him completely. Maybe when she was sniffing him like that, or in the New Year, when she suddenly came in a magnificent dress... or maybe even later, then she was arching in his hands, meowing from new scensations from his kisses..
Heh, he was really shoked then she told him that she never was with a man - sith with their abcence of shame and borders...

Anyway, it was slowly... anv very fast. Maybe that suicidal flight, then he nearly got himself killed... and after the raghoul plague.. it all just went faster and faster...
And suddenly he was right there, making love to her, and then she... she just said that, looking straight in his eyes... "Do i love you?"..

And then he realized... that he is completely and fully lost.
Lost in these golden eyes and sometimes unpredictibale nature of that forest spirit, who happens to be a sith and a cathar... His nature spirit.

Fairytales say, that when spirit set his eye on someone, that someone becomes lost to the world - spirits take him... and never let him go. He always wondered why.

Now he got the answer - the thing is... that these captured ones never wanted to be free.

And he was rather certain that he dont want to be free too.

At all...

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