Золотая Тварь
[Khatarina]: Nice to meet you
[Borkadd]: Really? *He gives her a crooked smile* Do I know you lady?
[Khatarina]: Well I don’t know who you are but you are interesting and I like this
[Borkadd]: *He laughs quietly* I am. And you are bold and beautiful. I like that too. I don't usually invite all the ladies who find me interesting to know me closer * he grins* But I may make an exception for you
[Khatarina]: So can I hear you name, interesting person?
[Borkadd]: Darth Borkadd. And you?
[Khatarina]: Oh I am speaking with someone very important not ordinary lady like me. *She bows him with smile* lf it is really important to you my name is Katarina
[Borkadd]: *He rounds her looking up and down. He moves silently and fluently* Nice to meet you Khatarina
[Khatarina]: Well/my friends call me just Rina
[Borkadd]: Heh *He grins* I am not your friend... yet. But I’ll keep the name in mind
[Khatarina]: Really? Oh you break my ideal world. How can I live now? *she laughs*
[Borkadd]: *He grins again* I presume in your ideal world all men drop dead in your way slain by your charms^ *He winks at her*
[Borkadd]: Some may that's for sure
[Khatarina]: Only someone whom I like, of course
[Borkadd]: *He nods* Well I am great aren't you afraid to let me in your... world? But I may give a thought making you a part of mine
[Khatarina]: Well you are not good one I see *She smiles*
[Borkadd]: Good One? *He looks amused*
[Khatarina]: But I like more elegant way
[Borkadd]: Interesting. Come and have a drink with me. You may tell me of you vision of "elegant"
[Khatarina]: Why not?
[Borkadd]: *He orders drinks for them and turns to her* I am listening
[Khatarina]: Well I see you are not a mere mortal, you are very highflying bird.
So I think you know how to speak with ladies. Not in this way but it is funny I agree [Borkadd]: *He looks at her with his crooked smile* So?
[Khatarina]: I answerer on your question. Well, now tell me why are you here?
[Borkadd]: I haven’t heard the definition of elegant; I believe you are just a bit shy. I'll wait. I believe I was here to have a drink with a nice lady, didn't I
[Khatarina]: So you came here for what? Well it means you can see the future. Hm, interesting
[Borkadd]: Not much of a prophecy
[Khatarina]: So you don’t understand what I mean when I talk about more elegant way?
[Borkadd]: I wanted to hear your definition. Opinions differ
[Khatarina]: Hm you are not only interesting you are strange. Well I talk about manner of speaking. You walk on the verge.
[Borkadd]: I like the risk. Thought you do too? Else you wouldn't start flirting so boldly.
[Khatarina]: Hah, some of my friends told me what I’m too emotional to be a risk-taker. [Khatarina]: Flirting?
[Borkadd]: I don’t mind today. So you may continue Ц
[Khatarina]: *She stretches* Continue what? Talk about risk?
[Borkadd]: Continue flirting of cause *He reclines*
[Khatarina]: What? *She laughs* Are you so straightforward to everyone or only for someone who speaks to you first?
[Borkadd]: Only to those who amuse me
[Borkadd]: And by the way you started first * he winks at her with a smile*
[Khatarifa]: Well you are the first who said this to me.
[Khatarina]: But I see you like this. Me starting first. *she smiles*
[Borkadd]: No one ever told you that true sith can pursue this passion too?
[Khatarina]: No one told me that I can be funny.
[Borkadd]: Well... Amusing for me is entertaining, interesting and unusual, refreshing and intriguing. But I am sure you can be funny too.

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